When I think of this band, I think of when the weather is warm but not too warm, and there’s wind and your eyes are closed. Then there are colours, colours around you. II WAVEZ, a band I’ve written about for Jaffar ElAqlam back in October, 2015. Their music has always been something I’d listen to while driving unhurriedly on a highway or on the way home; no rush, no expectations, no change of lanes. To make it more clear, if the lights and noise of a building in Tokyo kissed Alt-J; they would breathe out something close to II WAVEZ’ music.
This August, I talked to the girls behind the tunes.

Play this tune by them, don’t worry it will not take you away from us.

I’ve written about you and introuced you twice; but tell me who you are yourself, who are you and what is IIwavez in between the two of you? How did the band come to life?

We are II WAVEZ from Kuwait, Cera 19 years old and Ghalya 18 years old. It is really hard to describe what is II WAVEZ, first of all the chemistry between us two is incredible; about 8 years ago we were just really passionate about music, and 3 years ago in a bedroom, we decided to make real recorded music with only a guitar and a MPD18.

What are the instruments you use?

We use synthesizers, guitars, tambourines, shakers and midi controllers.

What’s the most important thing to you about people and their relation to your music; when I listen to Vampire Weekend, I dance, I sing along loudly and I feel my skin alive. What do you want your music to be or to do with others?

We want our music to make people feel something they’ve never felt before, we want it to be a guide to their dreams, actually there is no specific mood to listen to our music you can listen to it anytime anywhere.


we want it to be a guide to their dreams, actually there is no specific mood to listen to our music you can listen to it anytime anywhere.


If you could recommend me a time of the day or scenery to go along with your music, what would it be?

Midnight seaside of Kuwait or Mali Sahara desert; they really get along with our music.

Can you tell me about the process of a track? Where does it happen? On what cloud do you two decide to add a beat or remove it?

The process of the track starts right after we meet and have breakfast we usually at least stay 4 days together 24/7, First of all we set the studio up, we tune the guitar, we make sure everything is ready and then start recording/ jamming.

Choose a favourite track you made, tell me about every bit of it.

News flash; we were randomly looking for old news and shows shown on Kuwait TV. We listened to this episode of morning news in low quality, we thought of sampling the lady’s voice, and it worked. The track is incredibly chill, we made it with a special vibe. Only 1 lamp, totally dark.

Who is your favourite influencer? If you could give them a track of yours to listen to, what would it be?

M.I.A is one of the influencers we admire; we would give her Dream Guide to listen to.

You two went with ambient/experimental, a tough genre, a genre that isn’t on the radios or world-wide charts, but the lovers of it are devoted for sure, was that intentional?

It is a tough genre; if you guys noticed every track we make belongs to a different taste. We don’t really belong to a specific genre you know, at the end we play what we like.

We love love music, it gives back life to everything, it connects people, it is magic.


Tell me about your love for music, everyone loves to talk about their love for music.

We love love music, it gives back life to everything, it connects people, it is magic. Listening to it, making it, the whole thing is love.

When IIWavez are in a creative block, what happens?

When we are in a creative block; we play every instrument we have, every synthesizer, every sound. It’s crazy; green and red neon lights. Loud music. Nonstop.

Who are people you’d love to collaborate with from the scene, why?

We would love to collaborate with Azzam @kadisabincat, we have a similar taste of music. We’d make a bomb together.

Let’s talk about exciting things; you’re releasing an album soon, tell us about it; instrumentally, style-wise, procedure-wise:

Yess, we are so excited about the album, It’s called Night Returns, we released two songs out of 10. It’s going to be different; as you can see the first two tracks are so different, we love change. This album we’re gonna start recording guitar more often. And yes we’re gonna make physical albums once we’re done, t-shirts and some other merchandise as well. Can’t wait.

Lastly, what’s next for you after the album?

I think we’re gonna focus on our youtube channel, also make a website to arrange everything.

We asked the brilliant artists to make a playlist of songs they love.