MusicWe.Love Weekly Playlist #23

Winter is upon us.

Let’s break it down:

1- Neighbors, by J. Cole

From Ali G, racism will never be over, even if you are rich and living with “them”, you’re not one of “them” unless you copy “them”. So let the neighbors think I’m sellin’ dope.

2- Frustrated, by R.LUM.R

From Dima, ❄️☃️.

3- Shoom, by TR/ST

From Sarah, give it time. I didn’t like it when I first heard it. but now I’m obsessed with it.

4- PPP, by Beach House

From Gamal,

ربما أخطأت مرة، و لكنني متأكد أنني سأعيد هذا الخطأ مرة أخرى

5- Angels, by Wax Poetic

From Seba, that’s Norah Jones singing. Sexy song.

6- Water, by Ra Ra Riot

From Ali Y, something about this song. I just love the high voice sing of the line “don’t punish me” maybe I’m feeling guilt for something. I think because I stole my brother’s chips.

7- Winter Seeds, by Freelance Whales

From anon.

8- Hello My Old Heart, by The Oh Hellos

From Abdullah, bedtime struggles of lovers.

9- Forbidden Colours, by Ryicuhi Sakamoto

From Abdulaziz, Sakamoto’s iconic piano piece “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence” has been re-recorded, reinterpreted, rereleased, reBEATEN TO DEATH BUT FUCK IT HEAR IT ONE MORE TIME IT’S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL and each and every iteration is as gorgeous as the one before. This is one of them. “Japan” frontman David Sylvian’s melancholic vocals sends chills down your spine and every nerve of your body with words of yearning for a love so forbidden, so… homosexual.

10- Between the Bars, by Elliott Smith

From Fatima, I watched Good Will Hunting when I was 17. When this came on, my melancholic teenage self was immediately hooked. I loved Elliott Smith ever since.

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