MusicWe.Love Weekly Playlist #22

Hola, it’s Sunday!

This week’s playlist is unique, it starts with electronica and ends with soul, with many surprises within!

As for our Apple Music fans, our deepest apologies, we are facing technical difficulties that came between us and Apple music. 🙁

Let’s break it down:

1- Ghost Song, by Air

From Ali G, starting this week with a fresh sound of Air, enjoy your week.

2- Sons, by Concorde

From Gamal,

نحن لا ننتظر يا عزيزي، الركب يسير و لن يأبه لوقوفك، إما أن تختار طريقك، أو تترك لهم الاختيار

3- You, by 11:11

From Dima, 🔥🔥🔥

4- Spread Your Love, by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

From Sarah, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando,Marlon Brando!. if you know what I mean, I love you!

5- Scream and Runaway, by The Gothic Archies

From Fatima, I can’t seem to put into words how good this is.

6- Bedlam Sticks, Diablo Swing Orchestra

From anon.

7- Molasses, by Kan Wakan

From Seba, yummy track.

8- The Wilhelm Scream, by James Blake

From Abdullah, serenity by synth and agony.

9- You Are The Right One, by Sports

From Ali Y, the sound of the future. I agree with Ali G when he once said that this style will be dominant in music in the coming years. Recently led by Tame Impala.

10- Move On Up, by Curtis Mayfield

From Zee, a soul epic.

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