MusicWe.Love Weekly Playlist #21

We all strive to be something, that something doesn’t want to come as fast as we wish to be.

As for our Apple Music fans, here you go!

Let’s break it down:

1- Never Give Up, by Sia

From Abdullah, can we just transform Sia’s brilliance into a computer algorithm so it would produce a hit after another all year long for eternity?

2- Los Angeles, by the bird and the bee

From anon.

3- Let’s Fall In Love Some More, by Al Bairre

From anon.

4- Rollercoaster, by Bleachers

From Fatima, Jack Antonoff is one of my favorite singer-songwriters, and Bleachers is his best project. Bleachers has only one album so far (smh @jackantonof) and it’s amazing. I rarely come across a whole album that’s consistently good. This was. If you’re not going to listen to the album, at least listen to this one.

5- Girl, by The Internet ft. KAYTRANADA

From Dima, 👁🌾.

6- It Takes a Muscle, by Spectral Display

From Seba, that synth tho.

7- L.M.L.Y.P, by Ween

From Abdulaziz, cause Prince hated his fans (and we loved him for it!), the only way to appreciate his music through legal means online that doesn’t rip you off is to make do with half-assed interpretations, tributes, covers, remixes, or this.

8- He Can Only Hold Her, by Amy Winehouse

From anon.

9- I Wanna Prove To You, by The Lemon Twigs

From Ali G, these new cute brothers are doing what they have always been dreaming of doing. Doing music of an era they never lived in, and they are darn good as well. Was hooked on them when I first caught them on SoundCloud, with a debut album released this year, the excitement for the brothers can’t be contained in the rock scene.

10- I Don’t Love, by Have A Nice Life

From Gamal,

لا أكذب، ولا أتجمّل

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