MusicWe.Love Weekly Playlist #20

It’s here, our 20th playlist. Can’t believe it.

As for our Apple Music fans, here you go!

Let’s break it down:

1- Super Powers, by Terror Jr

From Abdullah, the production value of this song makes me *dances weirdly*.

2- Plans, by Oh Wonder

From Gamal,

أبحث عن ضالتي؟ أريد أن أهرب؟ لا أدري، و لكنني سأطير إليك

3- Goosebumps, by Travis Scott

From Dima, I love kendrick’s high pitched part.

4- The Space Program, by A Tribe Called Quest

From Ali G, holla back at my boys back from the 90s.

5- Will to Believe, by Clarence Clarity

From Abdulaziz, the sound doesn’t make sense at first listen, but once you’re absorbed into this world, there’s no escape. Intrigues with a cornucopia of glitchy yet lush noises, sucks you in with the comfortable familiarity of pop restraintiveness.

6- Lousy Connection, by Ezra Furman

From Sarah, such a fun song.

7- Banshee Beat, by Animal Collective

From Ali Y, a magical song, as always, from Animal Collective. They truly know how to boost my serotonin levels.

8- Watching in the Dark, by Murals

From Seba, the song is like an ethereal dream I never want to wake up from.

9- Lover Lover Lover, by Leonard Cohen

From Fatima, late 2015, I just quit my job, I was the fattest I have ever been, I used to listen to Lenoard Cohen songs everyday in my dark room and just cry. Thank you. Rest easy.

10- 23 Minutes in Brussels, by Luna

From anon.

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