MusicWe.Love Weekly Playlist #18

I smelled a lemonade today, isn’t that odd?

This is a special week, it’s the first week we have a song by Björk.

Week 18, yo.

As for our Apple Music fans, here you go!

Let’s break it down:

1- Last Kiss, by Pearl Jam

From Noura, this achingly sweet-sounding song is Wayne Cochran’s timeless classic. Pearl Jam’s take coupled with Vedder’s earthy voice only makes this track, with its upbeat tune and somber lyrics, perfect.

2- My Body is a Cage, by Arcade Fire

From Ali Y, My Body Is A Cage is the first song I ever heard for Arcade Fire. I didn’t know who they were then. But I kept listening to it endlessly. It was only years later that I finally went through all their albums. They’re one of my all-time favs.

3- Stickin to the Sheets, by Hello Ocho

From Seba,

“Stickin to the Sheets

Fav band at the moment. They do not seem to care about genres which is evident in their elusive musical experimenting throughout all their albums, and the twist and turns in their songs keep you constantly guessing no matter how many times you listen. “”Stickin to the Sheets”” in particular stood out to me; I love the progression of that consistent rhythm, which although repetitive, feels extremely erratic.”

4- Swim Against the Tide, by The Japanese House

From Abdullah, “Spirit grows when love goes away,
And I’m still thinking of a new way to say,
That I’m missing you.”

5- Come On, by Mikhael Paskalev

From Ali G, I still have no idea why I love this song very much.

6- Sugar Lane, by Strangejuice

From Fatima, two years ago, I stumbled upon this song on youtube, and I bought it immediately, and listened to it on repeat for days. I have since listened to each and every song by this band, and I honestly don’t understand why they don’t have a bigger audience.

7- Blueless Bird, by Joni Fatora

From Sarah, very relaxing and melodious voice.

8- Death & Taxes, by Daniel Caesar

From Dima, a song about faith & battling with god. leaving familiarity to find one’s self. Daniel left his home while in the 11th grade, after a fight with his parents over faith.

9- Too Dry to Cry, by Willis Earl Beal

From Gamal, وكأنما وعد كتبتها.

10- Nattura, by Björk

From Abdulaziz,

“(Everything that she throws away)… (I’m able to take)(I receive it)


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