MusicWe.Love Weekly Playlist #16

To all of you who try to put a smile to your face as life gets tough, just know we actually care.

This playlist is for you.

As for our Apple Music fans, here you go!

Let’s break it down:

1- Waiting All Night, by Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre

From Sarah, such an awkward song to dance to.

2- Be The One, by Dua Lipa

From Noura, catchy hits like this are the embodiment of how great it is to dance with abandon on those long sticky summer nights.

3- Down, by Marian Hill

From Ali G, it starts slow, till the beat drops and you’ll see my heart and head swing perpendicularly.

4- Fairytale, by Alexander Rybak

From Fatima, happy, upbeat tune, uniquely so.

5- Don’t, by Bryson Tiller

From Dima, this song is the anthem for side dudes everywhere.

6- Kiss In Taksim Square, by Michelle Gurevich

From Gamal,

الصديق وقت الضيق *وينك*

7- We Were One, by Plants and Animals

From Ali Y, a recent discovery and i can’t stop listening to it. I relate to it somehow. makes me reminisce and miss moments that never happened to me.

8- Barbarian Kings, by Morgan Delt

From Seba, Eerie. As. Hell. LOVE IT.

9- Say You Won’t Let Go, by James Arthur

From Abdullah, one of them cheesy love songs that makes me wanna cuddle.

10- Sediment, by Laurie Spiegel

From Abdulaziz, “This song caught me off-guard when I heard it in the first Hunger Games movie. I didn’t even consider the possibility of this being a then 40-year-old recording. A distressingly beautiful and eerie series of droning sounds and noises, made with a shockingly humble set-up. She had this to say about the process of creating this gem:
‘I didn’t have multitrack recording, I had to do the mixing with two stereo reel-to-reel decks, and the only way to mix was to play something live, where one deck was playing audio while the other deck was recording the other machine…. You piled the tape hiss and noise for every generation you added.'”

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