MusicWe.Love Weekly Playlist #15

I once asked a novelist, why do you write?

She said, only to tame the demons inside, it’s not by choice.

Music is the same, we make and listen to them to tame our demons.

Week 15’s playlist is:

As for our Apple Music guys, here you go.

Perfect, let’s break it down now!

1- Mountain At My Gates, by Foals

From Sarah, YAS.

2- Be Your Love, by Bishop Briggs

From Abdullah, Bishop is my pick for the 2016’s best new artist so far imaginary award.

3- Heartbroken, in Disrepair, by Dan Auerbach

From Ali Y, a quintessential Dan Auerbach song. part of his solo album. Pounding drum and orgasmimic distorted guitar riffs..what more can you ask?

4- She is There, by Motorama

From Dima, Motorama is a New Wave/Post Punk band from Russia that I’m loving rn. my absolute favorite sub-genres of music.

5- Water, by Ra Ra Riot (ft. Rostam)

From Ali G, Rostam has my heart since ever, and his work with Ra Ra Riot makes it just perfect.

6- Pulling the Bricks, by Xylouris White

From Seba, Jim White (drummer from Dirty Three) and Greek lute player George Xylouris join forces to create this magnificent rollercoaster of a song.

7- You Know my Name, by The Beatles

From Abdulaziz, the Beatles were just messing around. A medley of pastiches of cabaret and old-timey music hall styles.

8- Papa Don’t Breach, by Madonna

From Fatima, Just read they lyrics, then watch this

9- Love & Hate, by Michael Kiwanuka

From Noura, London-based singer/songwriter Michael Kiwanuka is full of heart. This song, from the album with the same name, is just one of many great tracks full of soul.

10- People Are Strange, by The Doors

From Gamal,

دراسة موثقة لا تخيب أبدا


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